Sportex offers essential and dependable motorcycle gear for every new rider

If you’ve only just taken the leap into the world of motorcycling, it’s crucial to make sure you are equipped with the right motorcycle apparel before jumping on your bike and heading off on an adventure. 

To help ensure you stay safe, here are some of the most essential examples of motorcycle gear that every new rider should have. 

Motorcycle helmet 

When beginning your motorcycling adventure, the first thing you need to make sure you have is a suitable helmet. 

It is a legal requirement to wear a helmet when you are riding a motorbike on the road in the UK, as it helps protect your skull and brain from impacts. Your helmet dealer will advise you on what is right for you.

Motorcycle gloves 

Motorcycle gloves are among the most important pieces of motorcycle apparel when riding. This is largely because most people who end up in a motorcycle accident will extend their arms in front of them to protect themselves, so it is crucial to protect your hands. 

There are many options when it comes to motorcycle gloves, including seasonal alternatives for summer and winter. All of the gloves at Sportex are available in sizes ranging from Small to 2XL. 

One of our favourite options for new riders is the Sportex Monza Gloves, which are made from fully perforated leather for all-round ventilation, including leather-covered knuckle and finger protection. These gloves come equipped with soft cell palm and wrist protection and a Velcro wrist closure.

Another of our top picks is the Sportex Rimini Gloves. These motorcycle gloves are made from perforated leather, with finger vents for air circulation, knuckle protectors, and a lightly padded palm for all-day ride comfort. The tricot lining, meanwhile, provides superior comfort and fit.

Motorcycle jacket

The most popular piece of motorcycle apparel is the motorcycle jacket, as it shields you from the elements while riding, and protects your body in the event of a fall. Motorcycle jackets can be made out of many different materials, although the most popular is undoubtedly leather. 

Here at Sportex, we have a variety of different motorcycle jackets to choose from as your second skin. These jackets are suitable for all seasons, as many of them have removable insulated lining so that they can be adapted to every kind of weather. 

Motorcycle boots

The general rule of thumb when it comes to motorcycle boots is to make sure they are sturdy and include over-the-ankle protection. In the event of an accident, this will offer maximum protection to the various little bones in your feet. 

Motorcycle trousers

And our final item of essential motorcycle apparel for beginners is motorcycle trousers. Although you might be tempted to ride in normal jeans, everyday materials can get shredded if you ever come off your bike. Instead, protect the skin on your legs by wearing specialist leather motorcycle trousers. 

And there you have it – our top essential pieces of motorcycle apparel for every new rider. Browse our selection of motorcycle gear today from Sportex, owned and run by bikers, for bikers since 1979, to discover items that you can have the utmost confidence in when on two wheels. 

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