A guide to choosing the right motorcycle jacket, for both men and women

Every experienced biker remembers the moment they got their first motorcycle jacket – a great one truly is like a second skin, protecting you from the elements and the tarmac. Plus, you have to admit, the right jacket makes you look pretty cool! 

However, when you are seeking out your next motorcycle jacket, there are many things to consider. From size and safety to design and quality of manufacture, here are some of the things the Sportex team would suggest you think about when deciding on a motorcycle jacket. 

Leather vs. textile 

When many of us think of riding motorbikes, we immediately imagine ourselves wearing a leather motorcycle jacket, perhaps resembling our own Rimini Leather Jacket or Monza Leather Jacket here at Sportex. Leather has served as durable and effective bodily protection for thousands of years, so a leather motorcycle jacket is pretty much guaranteed to keep you safe in style. 

However, it is also true that there have been many advancements over the years when it comes to textile materials. Today’s leading textile jackets can therefore be counted on to give you fantastic protection against the elements, with examples including our Sahara Adventure Jacket and Enduro Jacket

Choose your fit 

There are three main fits of motorcycle jacket that you are likely to find when exploring your options. The American cut (sometimes called regular or touring) is often more generous in its fit, with more room around the waist, arms, and shoulders. 

Secondly, a European cut, otherwise known as a slim or sport cut, has a closer and more tapered fit. Last but not least, a race-cut jacket is snug with pre-curved arms. 

Find the correct size 

Your motorcycle jacket should be sized so that it fits you well, but also offer a little room for comfort, so that it does not restrict any movement. To make sure you choose the right size, grab a friend and a tape measure and let’s get started. 

Not only will you need to take a measurement of your chest – making sure you keep the tape level across your back – but a waist measurement will also be necessary. This is most effectively measured around an inch above your belly button, again ensuring the tape runs level across your back. 

Wear it around the house before heading off on a ride

When your jacket arrives, wear it around the house to check that it fits you comfortably, and that you have full freedom of movement. As a leather motorcycle jacket can be quite thick, it might not conform to your body contours straight away, and so will need some wearing in. 

Make sure it is of good quality 

While making sure that you look great and the finer details of the design and fit are all well and good, the most important part of a jacket to consider is how well it is likely to keep you safe. 

Purchase your next textile or leather motorcycle jacket from Sportex, and you can be confident of only the very best quality, which will help ensure you are always safe when riding. That, in turn, will enable you to focus less on your safety, and more on your enjoyment of your motorbike – wherever your journeys take you. 

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  1. Lionel Fowler

    i bought my first sportex jacket in 1978 and i have just bought another one 5/4/22 my first one came with me on many laps of the TT course and many nights out so when i outgrew my first jacket i thought i had better get another one so here we go again

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